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The doctoral degree Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a degree of further professional and managerial education that you obtain on the basis of a postgraduate program of further education in accordance with the Polish Higher Education Act (Article 164 ustawy z dnia 20 lipca 2018r.-Prawo o szkolnictwie nýszym i nauce Dz. U. pos. 1668), at the accredited Jagiellonian College in Toruň (Akademia Jagiellońska in Toruń – Faculty of Public Administration and Economic Studies in Uherské Hradiště).

Thanks to this, you will receive proof of 90 ECTS from a higher education institution recognized in the EU member states, as well as a certificate of completion of the study, with which you will be awarded the DBA degree. This title can only be used after the name.

The title "DBA" or "Doctor of Business Administration" is recognized and may be used. After successfully completing the DBA distance learning program, you are entitled to use the title Doctor of Business Administration in the following wording: Ing. Jan Novák, DBA

General Management is a specialization in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) study program chosen by the student depending on their professional orientation. The selected specialization will be listed on the Diploma Supplement, which will be issued together with the DBA diploma.


Studying modules of the General Management program:

  • Module: Marketing Management and Strategic management
    Students focus on the practical nature of marketing and strategic management and are equipped with methodological skills in this field.
  • Module: Managerial Competencies
    Students can acquire the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in performing the role of the top manager. Students also learn about techniques of managerial work.
  • Module: Managerial Economics
    Students can focus on complex managerial economics, practice the topics of property and capital structure of the company; costs, revenues and profits; financial management of the company; and investment schemes.



The graduate of the General Management study field is equipped with knowledge and skills enabling the effective performance of Top managers in various sectors of the economy.

The study field emphasizes not only the acquisition of theoretical knowledge but also the ability to work independently with professionalism and data sources, the ability to deduce and formulate their conclusions and opinions, the application of theoretical knowledge in solving individual tasks, and the ability to generalize knowledge based on working with case studies.
Specifically, the graduate is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and methodological competencies in management and control, economics, marketing, project management, and strategic management.

To complete the General Management study field, the student fulfills the study obligations in accordance with the Methodical Instruction for Study:

Elaboration and defense of the final DBA Thesis, the topic is chosen by the student in accordance with the field of study. The chosen topic of the DBA Thesis is approved by the Faculty, and with regard to the selected topic, the student is assigned a supervisor/consultant among associate professors and professors working at the Faculty.

Completion of subject "General management" which is a core subject of Doctor of Business Administration program.

DBA study program graduates obtain diploma conferred by the Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu, Faculty of Administration and Economic Studies in Uherské Hradiště with reference to relevant field(s) of study. Graduate is entitled to use professional qualification “Doctor of business administration” (DBA). Together with the Diploma, Diploma supplement will be conferred, which recognizes field(s) of study of DBA study program, undertaken study modules, DBA Thesis title and name of the supervisor.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is international managerial study program, which is not included into tertiary education system of the Czech Republic, according to Act about tertiary education. We provide our DBA study program in the Czech Republic with respect to the status of foreign tertiary education institution subsidiary. DBA study program of Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu is internationally acknowledged.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Degree is accredited by the American Association of Higher Education Accreditation.
accredited member status by the American Association of Higher Education Accreditation Achieving Excellence in Education by the American Association of Higher Education Accreditation


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) study program has a standard length of one term. Start of the study is individual, in accord with study application registration. Study is held in distance form (online).

Conditions for successful graduation are connected with particular study modules graduation, preparation and dissertation of DBA Thesis. DBA Thesis is prepared by the student with assistance of supervisor. Faculty of Administration and Economic Studies designates the supervisor, with respect to DBA Thesis topic.

Information Leaflet DBA
(PDF; 1.4 MB)


You can manage your studies easy with MY STUDY SECTION. You gain access to this system automatically when you submit your application and meet the study requirements. In this secure on-line system, you will quickly find out what you have already completed and what is still to come. Thanks to the high degree of digitization and gamification in this system, you can easily upload paperlessly your assignments and dissertation. You may read the evaluation of your work. Everything is intuitively controlled from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.



The faculty of Administration and Economic Studies in Uherské Hradiště is a subsidiary of Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu, Poland. Faculty was established in the Czech Republic with respect to Act 111/1998, Act about Tertiary Education Institutions, through the registration to information duties fulfilment. These information duties respects the status of the Faculty as foreign tertiary education institution subsidiary. Status of the Faculty, its legal identity and activities are legal and transparent, as well as the subjectivity of other faculties and tertiary education institutions in the Czech Republic. Academic and professional degrees are equal to these, conferred by the Czech colleges and universities. It is not obliged to acknowledge or verify them. Further details are provided by the International Treaty Code 104/2006.

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Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu, Poland, has accreditation rights including study programmes related to corporate management, public sector administration, administration and economics, pedagogics, inner security, international relations and informatics in management. Study is designed to follow key knowledge, competencies and abilities development. Cooperation with praxis is highly supported. Graduates are equipped with competencies and abilities which meets the requirements of modern labour market. Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu has recently more than 1,000 of students and more than 10,000 successful graduates. Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu provides the offer of further education and is engaged in international cooperation. Realization of MBA study programmes is embedded in long-term experience of Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu.

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